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September 04, 2014 - Comments Off on Don’t just stand there.

Don’t just stand there.

We talk to a lot of seniors. We should. We need to know what they’re thinking, feeling, doing, and saying. As an advertising agency with major clients in the field of senior living communities that like any brand, must stay ahead of competitive set, we’re always looking for an edge. Work that’s simple, fresh, and relevant. We want to produce excellence by capturing a story with thinking that’s slightly ahead of the curve.

Our brand and advertising campaigns must hit another level of ‘best.’
To that point, we submit our third in series of “The most interesting senior in the world.” Admittedly, we’re biased, but we can be, because we found actor Arye Michael Bender and saw something terrifically special in how he could represent today’s senior.

By 2019 there will be nearly 170 new CCRC’s.
The competition for the independent, smart, cultured, and world-traveled senior, the successful seniors who are making the move to a CCRC, well, the competition is fierce for this prospect. By 2019 there will be nearly 170 new CCRC’s on the market attempting to satisfy the huge numbers of boomers attracted to the idea of living in communities where everything is taking care of; boomers who will be seniors and demand a new level of concierge status services. Staff, apartment design, cuisine, programs, culture, social engagements, amenities, and healthcare will need to be at the top of their game.

Smarter, more lifestyle directed, more person-centric, more socialized.
Importantly, the senior living community must vocalize and stand for a way of living that connects with the senior who is thinking about their passions and purpose in life. What they want to write in their next, best chapter. And the better senior living community brands are speaking to their audience. Smarter, more lifestyle directed, more person-centric, more socialized, and with more zest and passion for a new way to think about aging and what a community means to their residents and prospects.

We think Arye Michael Bender is on to something when he talks about action, movement, and the desire to do something more. Words to live by, and real wisdom, no matter your age.

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