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Shooting. Take one, scene.

We were really lucky to have found our version of “The most interesting senior in the world” with veteran Bay Area actor, Arye Michael Bender.

Resin wanted to focus on a narrative that showed how a senior might see themselves, without being preachy. Arye Bender gave us ‘real’ and talked directly to impart his own sense of “being here now.”

Sometimes the universe conspires with you and the vision, and voila, you can get some particles of magic along the way.


Shooting was on a tiny budget. And we were our own client, so yeah, we had to work faster, smarter, and hope that we could find talent that wouldn’t cost us a fortune, shoot at a location that wouldn’t cost us anything, and find color correction people, editing and music. Nicely, it all came together; and with the right glue, duct tape, and more than a few fingers crossed. We think we got what we wanted.


Simple lessons that are part of a senior’s perspective on aging, learning, knowing, experiencing, and yes, discovering. A primer of sorts from an elder who lives in the present because they have a history, and a past.

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