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Active is the new retirement.

In our advertising and brand work for many of the leading senior living communities in Northern California, Ohio, and Virginia, we talk to the residents, we tour the grounds, check out the living spaces, speak with staff, meet with management, listen to focus groups, and generally stick our collective nose in just about every nook and cranny to see what the community feels like. Sure, what a community looks like, the appearance, profile, location, buildings, and aesthetic are hugely important, but we want to see something more, something we can “feel.”

It feels active.

By and large, we see one, constant and continuing thread that all communities share: active, independent, happy residents. People who are doing things. Stuff. Learning, discovering, and getting out there and pursuing their dreams; and why not? Travel is big, so is volunteering. Exercise, yoga, jazzercise, and a host of mainstream athletic challenges from running a marathon, to just walking with friends, or hiking are top of the list. They’re at cooking classes, pottery classes, poetry slams, photography workshops, painting, illustrating, lecturing, and basically showing us all how you can continue to write your own narrative, your own story as beautifully wise, and gracious elder who decided that now is the time to do what you love, no matter where it takes you. We’ve had the good fortune to meet with seniors who are educated, successful, world traveled ambassadors and citizens of the this big, blue marble, and they’ve shown us their love of art, music, literature, cuisine, and their fellow neighbors.

 Where is everyone?

They’re out doing. Let’s face it, today’s seniors are better educated about their health, nutrition, and the connective social tissue that builds a more focused and capable senior. These folks want to feel better so they can do more. They aren’t standing still (and if they are it’s usually at a yoga class) waiting for something to happen, they are seizing their lifestyle. Our active, energetic seniors enjoy the benefits and advantages of no-hassle living at senior living communities where everything is taken care; maintenance-free apartments, dining options, staff, and services that allow seniors to get out and get moving.

And the idea of retiring? Not even close. It might better serve to call it re-inventing.

Resin is the Bay Area’s most experienced ad agency specializing in senior living community branding and advertising. We’ve repositioned, rebranded, and relaunched senior living communities in California, Ohio, and Virginia. We can show you how to increase senior living occupancy rates. We can prove return on investment, event attendance, response, and measurable results in print, web, video, direct mail, broadcast, and strategic planning.

When you want to talk to seniors, talk to us.


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