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Powerful “must-do” ways to effectively increase response from the growing, senior market.

Resin, the Bay Area ad agency specializing in senior community branding and advertising asks a few questions about what you want from your senior community’s marketing initiatives. In fact, our branding and advertising has helped move more people move into senior living communities than any other ad agency in California. And we have the numbers to prove it.

Are you rebranding, repositioning, about to launch a new senior community, driving for increased occupancy, seeking qualified leads, or looking for smarter ways to differentiate against the competition? Pretty heady stuff when you consider you’re often marketing in tight, geographic micro-zones and your senior living community needs to stand out.

Hold on to your hat. Here are proven ways to begin to get results for your senior living community.

We’ve helped motivate more retired seniors into senior living communities than any other ad agency in California. We’ll show you how to integrate your communications with a strong, cohesive, and connected brand story. Our advertising and branding work, along with team collaboration at senior communities, has helped reposition them, dramatically increased sales and occupancy, inspired internal teams, and actually shifted the conversation that helped our clients succeed in some of the most competitive senior community markets across the nation.

Take a look at our Top 5 “must have differentiators” when connecting with your senior prospects. How do they feel, think, remember, and respond to your community’s communication? Here’s how you absolutely must think about your message, brand, and campaign at every touch point.

  1. Engage me. Your emotional story that matters; who lives at your community and why?
  2. Remind me. How to make your brand and community memorable?
  3. Persuade me. Can you offer me a rationale presentation of the facts; cost comparisons and lifestyle benefits of your community?
  4. Answer me. How does your community approach wellness and healthcare?
  5. Excite me. How is living at your community going to provide the energy, vitality and promise for writing my next best chapter?

Resin is the Bay Area’s most experienced ad agency specializing in senior living community branding and advertising. We can show you how to increase senior living occupancy rates. We can prove ROI, event attendance, response, and measurable results in print, web, video, direct mail, broadcast, and strategic planning. We’ve successfully repositioned, rebranded, and relaunched senior living communities in California, Ohio, and Virginia.

When you want to talk to seniors, talk to us.





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