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June 30, 2014 - Comments Off on How we see today’s senior, a new video perspective series.

How we see today’s senior, a new video perspective series.

Resin is proud to introduce a new video series of narratives that frame the universal truths offered by today’s senior.

We wanted to capture a new attitude and perhaps even a new way of showing seniors that see life, their life, ideologically, philosophically, and something like “a renewed point of view.” It was important that we find someone who could provide the expression, the ‘read’ and the emotional engagement to capture the agency’s narratives on how today’s seniors see themselves, Or think about life. Or see life. Or? We kept the subject matter open and broad.

Fortunately we auditioned Bay Area actor, Arye Michael Bender, who understood the concept immediately. He got it. We did some audition footage and Arye offered a few different reads, not what we were expecting, happily so. The result is a series of six video ‘narratives” each under two minutes that capture a way of looking at this chapter in a senior’s life; granted we wanted to show a loftier, wiser, and sagacious piece of video where Arye could engage and speak to what’s important as you progress through life, and with the wisdom of the ages, how to see life. Less of grandpa’s cracker barrel and more “the most fascinating senior in the universe” take on a personable, smart, worldly senior who’s been around. The viewer is allowed to read between the lines on what this all means. There’s no spoon-feeding here. A more cultured, leaner but no less rewarding lesson on how to look at life; a quick primer or reminder on how we can appreciate his point of view.And maybe even our own.The Resin Narratives offer a hint of stardust, but based on the reality of what’s important: remember to take time to really come to understand the universal truths as we go through our day. Life has a way of sliding by if you let it. Don’t.

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