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August 05, 2014 - Comments Off on What every senior wants.

What every senior wants.


The transition into the ‘golden years’ is tricky, to say the least.

Most often, moving well into the elder status, comfortably, is a matter of financial position and health. For sake of argument, let’s assume that the portfolio, pension, savings, and home equity are the top of the game, and wellness and health are holding steady. No major illnesses, no surprises. It’s all good, But what about planning for the future? One might scoff at a 78 year old thinking ‘future’ but don’t. Here’s why: statistically if a senior has the financial foundation and is relatively healthy, there are more than a few very good years to be lived. The question is, how does a senior want to live them? What kinds of plans can a senior start to develop, think of, enjoy, and put into place so the years truly are golden.

This is where a well-recognized senior living community might come into play and we do mean play. Because generally at say a good, reputable Life Care community, everything is taken care of; from the weekly linen service to all levels of healthcare under one roof. Wake up to morning coffee, breakfast, and get out there and enjoy the freedom that comes with living well; cultural events, programs, transportation, exercise, brain fitness, and the kind of amenities that take care of everything under the sun, and then some. Granted, entry fees are not cheap and there are monthly fees to pay but from financial standpoint, the value-added perspective is not too far off when looking at cost comparisons to running a home with maintenance, taxes, and the time spent caring for the family home.

Downsizing is part of the equation. And while overwhelming to think about, doing it is actually pretty basic and there are more than a few professionals who can help with the task of getting back to the basics so seniors can get on with their lives.

A few notes on the social and connectivity of a senior living community. No question the community lifestyle where you are part of a “neighborhood” is much better for health, spiritual wellness, and sense of being. The adage, “it takes a village” is not far off from the benefits of a connected community where people watch out and care for each other.

The top ten list of why a senior living community stands as the beacon of a thoughtful, smart, and rewarding lifestyle.

1. No need to maintain home – maintenance-free living is a real advantage
2. Community and social connections – part of the “neighborhood”
3. Programs that stimulate – always learning, active minds are young minds
4. Predictable costs/expenses – foresight is big for future thinkers
5. Healthy, nutritious and well balanced meals – you are what you eat
6. Health and wellness activities – stimulate endorphins
7. 24/7 safety and security – stress-free living
8. Caring and supportive staff – tenured staff is important
9. Access to healthcare – peace of mind is part of your community
10. Not a burden to family – what every senior wants

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