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New work for senior living communities. Start here.

There’s a shift, a change.

Be a part the branding challenge that’s shifting the conversation from what we accept, and toss it overboard. Transform it. Be a force that’s redirecting how advertising is talking to the  senior audience. You know the numbers, you’ve read the press. You’ve seen the surge of a population that’s aging. No denying it. The senior market is here. Big time. And if you’re in the business of advertising, marketing, branding, talking, showing, telling, or selling, you may want to start thinking in new ways. New attitudes. Throw that gear into overdrive and start shaping the conversation in ways that are smarter, more entertaining, more informative. Look, changes in advertising and how you talk to your audience has happened and is happening with all brands in packaged goods, lifestyle, technology, finance, automotive, and categories of business that are discovering that the old way and methods (pun intended) are beginning to understand one simple premise: Don’t continue with the status quo. Don’t settle for the way it was, capture and expect to think about the way it can be, or maybe, should be. If you can pull five examples of interesting, new, breakout advertising in the senior market, grab those tear sheets and watch that brand over the next year or so. See if their work continues to hold up, excite, or connect on a the level that captured your interest.

Redford at 90mph.

Who doesn’t love and appreciate the strategy that smartly defines or even re-defines what the brand is doing to change a perception, offer a focus, channel new thinking in any mix of short term and long term thinking. The strategy is what we want to say, and the creative is how we’re going to say it. Spoiler alert: Do not introduce the “kitchen sink” strategy for fear of not saying everything to everyone at once (see reference “drinking water from firehose”). Think about the strategic rollout of a 12-month plan of action that knows who you want to talk to, why, and when. Be able to adjust the strategy should the market demand a more nimble chain of thought. And never produce creative as a checklist that covers the strategy; interpretation by the creative is where the magic happens.That senior you saw last year renting a SUP board? Think about her. Ever hear about Robert Redford driving his Porsche up to Oregon at 90mph? Yeah, he’s only 78.

Be bold.

It’s ok to be the voice of a brand that’s fluent in “engaging” – speak with a tone a voice, and a manner that can be clever, different, informative but personal. Think about the conversation and don’t try to fill the conversation with everything. Leave a little something to the response, inquiry and call to action. Bold content intrigues and leaves a little something to be discovered. Experiencing your brand means enjoying and delighting in how your brand connects with the person; be clear, be fresh, and never underestimate the beautify of simplicity where your message is a showcase of stopping power in an increasingly noisy world. Bold means being out there, for a reason and with a purpose. Bold means taking a stand and brininging your audience along for the ride. (Name five brands in any area of your personal and professional interest that you remember or at the very least looked forward to hearing from them.)

.The audience is hungry for different.

Without going into the litany of neurological studies mapping he human brain, suffice to say, the brain likes to be active, challenged, and has a long standing reputation for noticing and being attracted to “different” —- you have a lot to work with here; imagery, words, motion, color, texture, sensations and design characteristics that when thoughtfully mapped into the business of brand and advertising can reshape the offer, message and overall connection between you and your customer.

Seniors do not like to be treated like seniors

Bright, articulate, cultured, and seeking the next new thing, they want to keep their attitudes fresh, their outlook bright, and the opportunities that connect with them. Well read, educated, professional, and world experienced this is a market segment that should be absolutely ripe for the best and advertising you can find, approve, and run. So do it. Get that strategy mapped, demand creative that turns heads and know that if you can challenged the market, do it. And be the new brand champion that could very well be the next brand that stepped outside the box and into the brave, new world of leading a market. The rewards are endless.

Who the hell is Resin?

Resin is the Bay Area advertising and branding experts in marketing to seniors. We’ve repositioned, rebranded and relaunched senior living communities in California, Ohio, Wisconsin, Wichita, and Virginia. Resin has increased occupancy, awareness, and brand expectations on what a senior living community can be. Smarter digital and analog strategies, creative, and brand management help our clients always elevate with thinking that’s simple, fresh, and relevant.

When you want to talk to seniors, talk to us.





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