July 17, 2015 - Comments Off on When does a bank become awesome?

When does a bank become awesome?

Quirky Kids. Personal Banking. Customer Connections.

Resin has had the good fortune to work with Bank of Marin and now we’re happy to report, our relationship continues with the “Swimmer” TV spot, and a new campaign heralding the bank’s 25 year anniversary.

New work is breaking on the “quirky kids” campaign that shows a lighter, delightful side of the Bank of Marin profile. Resin partner and design director, Tim Paschke uncovered a true find in an endless Getty image search that served up a new discovery for our client: a total image bank of funny, fun, charming and irascible kids who, when partnered with the headline and copy, expressed the human touch for the bank. Sometimes it’s like that: kismet.

Bank of Marin + Resin = Awesome.

We’ve been part of the stratospheric Bank of Marin growth. When we first started working with the team, they had seven branches, now they have seventeen. From Napa down to the East Bay and over into the City this “community” bank has smartly channeled its growth with conservative, fiscally responsible decisions and acquisitions. Naturally, they have always asked us to be part of the discussion and show the kind of advertising and branding that delivers on the bank’s vision: community, business, friendly, approachable, human, and light.

 Smarter Bank Branding.

Bank of Marin has always believed in looking at their customers as the important pillar in their community outreach; yes, bank employees and management sit on over seventy non profit boards and volunteer time, expertise and financial assistance, because the bank knows that the financial enterprise and institution must be part of the locale, the community, and the businesses. Bank of Marin knows its about the people and how they relate on a community and business level without getting lost in a sea of “me too’ financial advertising.

Resin is the bay area advertising and branding agency with deep financial and lifestyle experience, and most notably has marketed and branded premier senior living communities in Northern California, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Kansas.

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