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Work that connects your brand conversation.


Your senior living community is a brand.

It could be argued that marketing is often too lofty a pursuit when a product, brand, or service demands sales. The “more boots on the streets” hue and cry seems like a good idea, but in retrospect, that is often short-sighted. Sales people actually love and benefit from solid, breakout marketing that drives inquiry and continues to establish brand awareness. Branding is the promise that opens the doors to sales. The market is open to marketing, if it’s different, clear, human, and relevant. Oh right, it also has to connect with their emotions and supports the rationale decision to at least “take a look.”

Know what your senior living community stands for.

Although every senior community might “look alike” how you speak, connect, and engage with this high net worth individual is key to your brand presence. Be clear and honest on your differentiators, know your audience, feel good about solving the problems at hand so you can address and improve the brand promise; often, just drilling down on the “who are we, what do we do, why we do it and who we do it for” can distill your brand to a one page brief. And that’s a good thing.

Today’s seniors. Wow.

High net worth, smart, cultured, independent, well-traveled and bringing deep life experiences. These seniors have discerning tastes and have been exposed to the subtleties of amenities. Then this population with a combination of wealth and expectations is putting many retirement communities on point to evolve facilities, refine services and be more targeted with marketing.

Similar to hotel branding and positioning.

Smart senior communities are taking their design direction from the best of hospitality design. We are seeing trends of significantly upgrading the dining room, building new cafes for flexible dining plans, remodeling public spaces for multi-generational engagement and building new clubhouses that are amenity filled. If all this sounds like a high-end hotel that is just fine just so long as the staff and resident community make it a home too.

The branding and sales cycle. It’s a conversation.

The decision to move to a continuing care retirement community is a big one. Historically, it takes, on average, 17 separate touch points over about 18 months to finally close a new prospect. This means a strong calendar of community-based events. Continuing contact and brand presence. The market is shifting, and your brand must adapt accordingly (The new seniors are seeing stronger and smarter messaging, better marketing; you need to be on their short list.)

Resin knows seniors. Our numbers prove it.

Ask us for our metrics and results by community and we’ll be glad to talk how we move the meter to 98% occupancy or how we increased event attendance, deposits, and wait list numbers. Our digital and analog brand work spans web, email, video, direct mail, print, and regional broadcast. New branding and messaging case studies are yours for the asking.

Resin is sticky.

Our experience covers most of the nation now with senior living communities in Northern California, Kansas, Virginia, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. We like to solve problems, address challenges, showcase ways that might have you thinking differently about the synergistic and cohesive brand campaign that smartly uses budgets, efforts, and continues to elevate your marketing — and that will definitely lead to sales. 


Resin is the Bay Area advertising and branding experts in that’s repositioned, rebranded and relaunched senior living communities in California, Ohio, Wisconsin,Kansas, North Carolina, and Virginia. Resin has increased occupancy, awareness, and brand expectations on what a senior living community can be. Smarter digital and analog strategies, creative, and brand management help our clients always elevate with thinking that’s simple, fresh, and relevant.

Resin. When you want to talk to seniors, talk to us.



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