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Come on in the water’s fine.Cold, choppy, and just perfect.

Bank of Marin has twenty branches from Napa to San Francisco to the East Bay. A growing business bank with a history of strong community partnerships, they asked us to capture a more “Personal business bank” message. Nicely, the client was open to something different. Something that might involve the bay, the elements, and a rugged, record-setting long distance swimmer who can appreciate the tedium and patience required in shooting a TV spot.

So we got into the water.

Long distance swimmer, Joe Locke.

 Joe came to our attention and was introduced to the agency. Having recently completed his record-breaking 30-mile Farrallon Islands to San Francisco swim where Joe fought unforgiving currents, frigid waters, and, oh, right, the little issue of Great Whites who regard the Farrallons as their own private eatery, open 24/7.

Joe was in the water at midnight in late July and swam for 14 hours, just making the window for the tides, and currents swirling under the Golden Gate Bridge. Joe’s got mammoth shoulders, arms and legs and can power through the chop, he also has the patience of a saint, and swam for the cameras and crew, directed and requested like any actor to hit his mark, watery and at times, choppy. Joe and crew were up at the crack of dawn, and in the ‘warmer’ bay water.

The Zodiac Crew.

Director Mark Dwyer, dwyerproductions.net and his crew were out past the breakwater under grey skies, a slight morning chop, and Joe in the water. Director of Photography Cliff Traiman used the Sony F55, complementing Rod Hartzog behind the MoVI with a Red Epic. Shooting under grey skies, with phenomenal light provided by Mother Nature, the morning bay water was relatively calm with a very light wind. Perfect “silk” over the water. Then of course, it wasn’t. Our typical Bay Area weather shifted quickly to sunny, sparkling skies, great if you’re a tourist. Not so great if you’re shooting for continuity. Our Indian Summer punched a hole in the cloud cover and the marine layer quickly rolled back, demanding an additional early morning call for matching shots. An early dawn call completed needed footage, we had coffee, high-fived, and called it good. A brilliant final edit and color correction with Mark Dwyer and Michael Rosen of Samplistic Studios captured a very personal story: the beauty of the bay and swimmer, Joe Locke doing what they do best—pulling right along side each other.


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