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He’s got a point.

Seniors have opinions. They should. They’ve been on the planet for a bit, and have important lessons to share. We should listen. But like most petulant adolescents, we have other things we’d rather be doing. Pity. Seniors are moving in new directions, grappling with larger issues. The old adage, “growing old isn’t for the weak” is a fact, just as importantly, we can all understand what it means when we talk about  “growing wiser” and listening to the “wisdom of the ages.”

A few topics to consider.

Ask seniors what’s important in their life and they will come back with amazing answers that fill categories from intimacy, independence, finances, family, health, wellness, spirituality, lifestyle and a litany of other equally important subjects. Overall, they see the real value of purpose and passion over “stuff.” What does this mean to the brand trying to connect to the senior market? Get real, be smart, elevate your promise with a more cultured and refined look and voice. Daisies won’t cut it.

Seniors. Their outlook on life.

When we developed our “most interesting senior in the world” series, our goal was to present a free-style range of thoughts that might capture the spirit and nuance of how to look at the world. Was the senior outlook optimistic, serene, curious, anxious, happy, energetic, or was the entire idea too limiting? Good question. So we wrote what we felt and believed was a smart, vibrant, philosophical perspective on how seniors might see life.

Today’s senior. Able to leap tall buildings.

Healthier, more active, politically savvy, outspoken, well-travelled, and simply an entirely new bracket of aging that’s turning the senior living community on its ear. Not satisfied with just a place, but more inclusive of a sense of people, and the promise of a well-scribed next, best chapter, today’s senior, ages 78+ are speaking out, looking forward, and taking more ownership of their decisions, because after all, it is their life. We applaud the new aging paradigm, we think these older and wiser folks might just have it right. And we could all learn a thing or three. Just pay attention. Keep moving. And enjoy the momentum of what each day can offer.

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