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Resin plays Nashville.

Somebody said there’s music around here?

We’re happy to be attending another great Leading Age conference in county seat of Davidson County. You knew that, right? The county seat part? Now you do. And it’s also on Cumberland River. We’re kind of excited to meet our clients, talk shop, see, and what’s new in the senior living community and services market. We may even take in some music. We heard there’s a few places in town where we may run into bluegrass, country, rock, and whatever else the street musicians are serving up.

We may play a few tunes.

We added our own take on Nashville by hiring and by featuring not one, but two violinists; Caitlin will be playing Sunday evening outside the tribute to Glenn Campbell and Katherine is playing outside the Omni and the Music Center for three days of the show.

The senior market.

To turn a phrase, it’s growing up, maturing. And Resin is right there and has been part of the brand development for the past seven years. We see wonderful things happening with the evolution of senior living communities; the numbers are pretty big, too. By 2019 there will be over 175 new CCRC’s introduced into the US market. The demographics are all pointing to what we’re seeing with the ongoing interest in the new paradigm in senior living. Active. Easy. Simple. Accessible. More urban, more comprehensive, more personal, more options, choices, and an entirely new way of aging with the social opportunities in a community. Writing the next best chapter is rewriting the book on retiring.


Resin is the Bay Area advertising and branding experts in marketing to seniors. We’ve repositioned, rebranded and relaunched senior living communities in California, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Virginia. Resin has increased occupancy, awareness, and brand expectations on what a senior living community can be. Smarter digital and analog strategies, creative, and brand management help our clients always elevate with thinking that’s simple, fresh, and relevant.

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