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The story. Your brand is writing it. Showing it. Telling it.

Take a look around and what do you see? Branding. Lots of it. The brand behavior today is more than a logo mark, more than an ad, even more than a really fabulous, marvelous ad. Look closer, what do you see? More video, more content, more narrative, more customer input, insight, information, and a lot more feedback from your customers. They’re weighing in and becoming your brand. Maybe that’s why in today’s market place, your customer is your brand.

Faster, please.

The speed of your brand story, the narrative of what’s special, unique, a point of difference,(good and bad) is spinning at the speed of the Interwebs, that auspicious platform that works for both good and evil. Nonetheless, that’s where your brand is. Now here’s the part where we could fill buckets of data about brand legacy, equity, and meaning, but you already know this: your brand is only as good as your brand content. The story behind your brand. The story within your brand. The story you and your customers give your brand. The dialogue the customer has that connects their lives with how your brand lives. The brand connection you cultivate with content that connects. That means video, audio, animation, bringing your brand to life with the technology and the medium that motivates, and amazes.

Today’s seniors and your brand.

Now, let’s look at your brand style guide. The bible of what makes up your brand that includes and covers assets, icons, logo marks, legal lines, usage, relationships of marks to key lines, etc. This is the brand framework. So how does this apply to the brand behavior? It lives and breathes on brand consistency for one, internal team buy in, and the acceptance and embrace of management that these are the brand characteristics that help define our brand in print, video, direct mail, email, web, banners, collateral, digital, broadcast, signage, events, and the sales center. Everything we do is for the brand.

Now with senior living communities, the heat is on to be better,repeating the way its always been is not going to cut it. The CCRC is a hot market that is only now beginning to see and respect smart brand and advertising that elevates, at every touch point. From 2014-2015 17 new CCRCs will be introduced throughout the country, by 2019 over 69 will be knocking on doors looking for the same prospect you are. What does this mean? Get faster, move smarter, be quicker, and look to the minds and talent that can make your senior living communities more engaging, more connective, and relevant to a tsunami of over 10,000 a day turning 65 for the next 19 years. Big numbers of prospects who are and have been educated about some of the most relevant and interesting advertising changes from the early sixties to present day. Apple, VW, BMW, IBM, Braniff, TWA, PanAm, well, you get the idea. Just watch Madman and you can see what the generation was weaned on. Now it’s quicker content, visual and copy that look and feel different, ideas that spark your story, and concepts that create more dialogue. Maybe it’s the conversation that connects? Absolutely. Because the brand moves instantly around their lives, and with their families; today’s senior is smarter, healthier, more cultured, and better travelled than the generation before. That means your brand has to be, as well. So the question is, what’s your story. Simple, fresh, and relevant? It better be, or you need to rewrite it with the help of your most important brand champions: your prospects.

Resin is the Bay Area advertising and branding experts in marketing to seniors. We’ve repositioned, rebranded and relaunched senior living communities in California, Ohio, and Virginia. Resin has increased occupancy, awareness, and brand expectations on what a senior living community can be.

When you want to talk to seniors, talk to us.

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